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Sweetwater Defense is a leading provider of advanced technology solutions for the defense sector. Leveraging the Sirius Companion Computer, the company aims to revolutionize the way military and security operations are conducted by offering innovative, autonomous, and intelligent systems capable of operating in various environments and conditions. With a focus on product development, strategic partnerships, and market expansion, Sweetwater Defense is poised to become a dominant player in the defense industry.


A Future Proof Platform

The SIRIUS Deployable Ecosystem (SDE) represents the next step in integrated, adaptive mission management systems. Utilizing a plug-and-play companion computer with a comprehensive vertical software stack, the SDE provides a hardware-agnostic command and control interface, unifying diverse operational elements into a single, dynamic network. Protected by quantum cryptography, and powered by advanced artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms, the SDE learns, adapts, and evolves without human intervention, paving the way for a future-proof operational environment.

SAFE Guardian

Safe Guardian is a comprehensive security system designed to provide advanced threat detection and alerting for schools, businesses, and other organizations. It includes state-of-the-art gunshot detection technology, AI-powered threat analysis, and real-time communication with emergency responders.


The QStruction system is an advanced construction technology that combines modular building equipment with intelligent systems. It enables rapid and efficient construction processes, providing flexibility, scalability, and cost-effectiveness. QStruction revolutionizes traditional construction methods and offers enhanced speed, quality, and sustainability in building projects.


The Sirius ResQ Trailer is a disaster response and recovery system that includes a tethered drone, an AI-powered Companion Computer, and a suite of sensors for environmental hazard and threat detection.

Designed With Engineers In Mind

Overall, the Sirius Ecosystem is designed to make it easier for developers to create and deploy machine learning applications in real-world scenarios, especially those involving edge devices and other resource-constrained environments.


Rapid Strike Force is a comprehensive system that utilizes advanced technologies such as AI, autonomy algorithms, and secure networking to enhance operational capabilities. It provides real-time situational awareness, secure communications, and efficient collaboration between manned and unmanned systems, making it an ideal solution for military operations and other defense and security sectors.

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Sweetwater is dedicated to providing a truly decentralized communication and data solution that remains reliable even in times of uncertainty. The company’s innovative approach aims to create a secure and resilient network that can withstand potential disruptions to traditional power and communication infrastructures.

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SIRIUS ML refers to the Machine Learning component of the SIRIUS ecosystem. Advanced algorithms and models to enable intelligent data analysis, pattern recognition, and prediction. SIRIUS ML leverages machine learning techniques to process and learn from large datasets, allowing it to make accurate predictions, optimize performance, and uncover valuable insights.

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A hardware agnostic companion computer that integrates a unique patented software suite into set of devices or drones and will allow them to create intelligent systems.


We are integrating one of the most sophisticated AI platforms in the world to handle 1000s of task from threat detection to automation.

Agnostic C2

When thinking of the future it can’t be done without drones whether aerial, ground or surface based. One user can control hundreds of drones with a multitude of preconfigured mission profiles.

Quantum SAFE Cryptography

When in contested environments, it is important to secure your connections. A multi-spectral encrypted mesh networks will ensure this happens.

Communications Server

It is important to stay connected, our integrated communications server will allow just that. The larger your drone network, the larger your communications network.

Knowledge Is Power, Stay Informed


Below is a collection of news articles some by Sweetwater Defense, others are by news affiliates.

US departure from Niger ‘already underway’ ahead of September deadline – Defense News

The future of America’s counter-terrorism work in the country had been in doubt for months after a coup last summer.

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Pentagon: U.S. forces to leave Niger by mid-September – Washington Post

… defense official, speaking on background per government protocol. “This is not a good outcome, [overall], that we’re leaving Niger after …

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Final date for US troop pullout from Niger set for September 15: statement – Yahoo News UK

The decision comes after several days of talks between a delegation from the US Department of Defense and Nigerien counterparts in Niamey this week.

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